Over the past fifteen years our company proved its capability to improve project management and to develop a clear vision in project objectives.

Through providing a program of activities, our company also illustrated that project management is more than just process implementation. Services offered involve embedding cultural norms and values to our clients in addition to effective project management process.

In August 1998, RS Management Consulting House started operating, as professionals in Project Management Services to become one of the first consulting firms specialist in Construction and Portfolio Management managing complex construction projects for reputable clients in Egypt, North Africa and Middle East. RS is dedicated to providing effective and efficient management services for construction projects, in addition to the supplementary services from the pre-tender stage, to the commissioning of completed works. As management can be described as the judicious allocation and efficient usage of resources to achieve a described end of timely completion and economy of operation, our aim is to get contracts for managing multinational projects by offering management services.

RS Management Consulting House exists to provide a project management leadership .This leadership is applied to fulfilling tactical and strategic objectives, and is witnessed through the disciplined application of project management protocol, a Requirements Based Activities approach, and premier technical and managerial talents. The logical integration of these factors produces tailored and Innovative best solutions, systems, and practices. Combined with a passion for excellence, honest and ethical conduct, and uncompromising Integrity, RS achieves high-quality results and consistently meets its commitments to its clients. RS’s Mission Is honored each time a client’s expectations are exceeded, each time an employee achieves his or her dreams, each time RS earns an employee’s loyalty, and each time the Company’s efforts positively Influence our society and the world in which we live. We have a client-centered philosophy, where we not only put our client’s needs first, but we take these needs personally. We try to build a mutually lasting and trusting relationship with our valued customers through providing them, with only the highest quality services, to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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